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SpaPure Chlorine Complete Spa Care Kit

SpaPure Chlorine Complete Spa Care Kit

Spa Pure Complete Chlorine Spa Care Kit

Complete spa care start-up kit for spas using chlorine granules.

The Spa Pure Chlorine Kit Includes:

  • (1) Spa Pure Spa Shock (20 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure PH Up (16 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure PH Down (24 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure Clarifier (16 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer (16 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure Simply Soft (12 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure Granular Chlorine (16 oz)
  • (1) Spa Pure Test Strips 10 Pack
  • (1) Spa Care Guide

    The SpaPure Chlorine Complete Spa Care Kit was designed to have all of the necessary chemicals your hot tub needs, all in one convenient place. This kit has the important chemicals your spa would need to start maintaining a proper water chemistry, with crystal clear water. Use this kit to simplify your spa needs.


    Refund or Exchange items within 30 days. All items must be unopened in original packaging.


    We ship all over the United States, and if you are local we can arrange for delivery. Free Shipping for purchases over $100.

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